This is Fogbank Entertainment

Fogbank Entertainment is dedicated to crafting unforgettable narrative experiences. Our studio was formed by a combination of veteran game makers, talented cinematographers and renowned writers dedicated to the highest level of craft quality. We take storytelling seriously and we care just as much about the underlying technology and tools used to bring those stories to our community of fans. We are not just telling stories, we are reinventing how stories are created, delivered and discussed.

If you’re thinking about joining our close-knit team you should appreciate the power of narrative games, be passionate about the intersection of story and technology, and be excited to discover how community ties it all together. At Fogbank you’ll be working with a diverse, positive-minded, mature group of developers with a range of backgrounds from ex-BioWare and Telltale directors to NYTimes bestselling authors, game-of-the-year winning engineers and producers of top grossing games.


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